The Big Team

About Us

What does BIG stand for?
Our team specializes in helping our community buy and sell in the traditional market, but we have a niche in the investment world!
Now covering ALL of California, The BIG Team is your go to resource when it comes to investing in the Real Estate world for a FRACTION of the cost!
What The BIG Team provides:
-In house full time TC.
-In house full time marketing and business support.
-Tailored business plans and plans of action for your goals.
-Team leads.
-All tech software and systems needed to run your business.
-Partners with the fastest growing fix and flip team in California, Belwood Investments. This is an in house, full time IBuyer!
-Weekly training and team events.
-4 full time in house dialers.
-Private office space (more to come too).
-An option to keep 100% of your commission earned on personal production.
Our team was not designed to fit everyone's business model. It was designed to support those currently running their own business and looking to supplement their current income and goals. We have a bulletproof system that can sustain any market. The tools and resources we have streamlined for our agents create an environment for success!