About Us

At Teichert Construction, we are proud to be celebrating 135 years of building California’s infrastructure with some of our original work still in service today as seen on the sidewalks of the State Capitol. In fact, in 1912, Teichert was awarded the third highway contract ever advertised in the State of California, utilizing bond money from the State Highway Act of 1909. Over the years, Teichert has grown into a diverse mix of businesses, most notably Teichert Construction and Teichert Materials. Teichert’s vertical integration includes Teichert Materials which provides aggregate products for infrastructure projects throughout Northern and Central California. With 15 plants, Teichert is able to provide aggregates and asphalt to fulfill the region’s demands. Teichert Construction has been operating locally in California since 1887 and holds the oldest active contractor’s license in the state. We have an intimate understanding of the challenges and regulations unique to California. Teichert self-performs the majority of its work utilizing local crews of more than 1,400 active employees and a vast arsenal of equipment and materials. The history and culture of Teichert is one that our employees take a great deal of pride in. Teichert is still family owned and operated today and continues to adhere to the basic principles of Adolph Teichert: Employees are like family–treat them that way and you will do well. Give back to your community. Be fair with your customers because they deserve it. And, never let go of our integrity.