Sundance Montessori



About Us

Sundance Montessori School has been providing exceptional Montessori education in our community since 1989. We are a non-profit, private school serving preschool through elementary aged students.

The Montessori classroom is a carefully prepared, specialized environment with hands-on materials that supplement the curriculum, all designed to engage students to be active participants in their learning. The child's natural curiosity is stimulated through real world objects and experiences, from the beautiful Montessori-made materials to group collaboration exercises.

At Sundance each child is viewed as an individual and their learning experience is taylored to their individual development. All teachers are Montessori trained and certified to provide the best programs possible, delivered with genuine love and respect for the child.

Our typical class size is 16 students. The classrooms become an extension of the child's home, where they find their own special place in which to develop a community among their classmates. Students benefit from our low teacher-student ratio with two teachers in each class. This low student-to-teacher ratio ensures that each child receives individualized attention.

We consider the concept of community to be an essential component in the education of each child. Parents are encouraged to be involved in the school. When parents volunteer and attend a wide range of social events and celebrations, students get to know the families of their friends and grow up with a strong sense of how a community operates.


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