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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Women's Self Defense, Police Officer Control and Arrest Program and Physical Fitness Instructor. All ages from four years old on up. I have been training in these arts for the better part of 16 years. i started my life as an instructor over 10 years ago. My passion is to teach in a systematic, curriculum based fashion to ensure a more retainable, lucidly conveyed concept is presented to all of my students. Respect is mandatory, good energy is necessary, integrity is paramount, a learning mind is beneficial, the ability to have fun with the process is helpful and never giving up is something i expect from all of my students. I expect all of these habits from my students because i demand these habits from myself. So come learn, build confidence, get in shape, develop a life skill, make new friends and get more connected with the community. These arts are also helpful to make us live in the moment. Nothing takes the stress and burdens of life out of the forefront of your mind like trying to survive a choke hold from one of your training partners. We can't be worried about bills in that moment, or kids or our spouse or our boss or our car. We need to live fully in the moment. That is a beautiful thing.



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if one black belt is powerful then five has to be otherworldly!
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