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Live Scan Plus More's Only Business is Fingerprinting. Our focus is on Live Scan and Ink Card fingerprinting services, we provide our customers with a clean professional private office environment, Our Fingerprinting Technicians are licensed with the California Department of Justice for DOJ & FBI live scans and Ink Cards for in & out of state backgrounds.

The following are Examples of some of the industry's that require live scan or ink cards for employment or licensing purposes.

Security Guards, Teachers, Schools, Realtors, Notaries, CPAs, Lottery Retailers, Stock Brokers, Contractors, Nurses/Doctors/Hospitals, Attorneys, Caregivers for children and elderly, Gaming, Insurance, Pilots, Pharmacists, Volunteers, Dental Assistants, Funeral Homes, Cannabis, DMV Salesperson or Dealer, Ambulance Drivers, EMTs

This is not a complete list, if your employment or licensing agency is requesting you to get fingerprinted and you have questions, please call our office, we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.