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About Us

Juvo is a leading provider of behavioral health services for individuals with autism and other special needs, their families, and their surrounding community.

“Juvo” is Latin for help, support, and serve – perfect words to describe who we are and what we do.

We are guided by a “people first” mentality, where what’s best for each individual is our number one priority. We believe that every person has unique and individual abilities, and we all thrive when we are provided with the right support. Juvo is here to provide you with that support.

We have spent over a decade empowering individuals with autism and other special needs to lead independent lives and achieve their full potential. Every day, our values guide us to provide high quality, evidence-based, individualized support at home, in schools, and in other community settings. We accomplish this by attracting an exceptional team that is dedicated to delivering skilled, consistent, and compassionate care.



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