About Us

ESCAPEOUT is all about live action escape room games. Solve clues, puzzles, and tasks in small teams to unlock new secrets and eventually escape out! You have only one hour to unravel the mysteries and save the day. Communication, teamwork, and skills of observation will help the best teams escape out!

What is an Escape Room you ask?
Escape rooms are a new social entertainment concept. The idea was originally born in Japan and has spread all over the world in past few years. You and your team will be explained the rules and locked in a themed room, also called the escape room, and given 60 minutes, to explore, investigate, solve clues/puzzles to unlock the next mystery all in hopes to figure out the ultimate solution to escape the room. This is a great way to bond and build comradery with family, friends, and coworkers of all ages.


Dr. Zylchov's Laboratory
Alien Zoo
Ritual Room
Illusion de Magicien
Sorcerer's Shack