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CFCR is a Sacramento based Coffee Roaster and Retailer. Known for choosing producers who are as passionate about growing coffee as we are about Roasting and Brewing. We roast to bring out sweetness and fruit acidity and love to teach our customers about the amazing flavors inherent in the bean. We have many direct relationships with our producers which allows us access to Micro Lots not available to any other roaster.

A Chocolate Fish is a fish shaped confection indigenous to New Zealand given out as a “Thank You” for a good deed. Owners, Andy and Edie Baker moved from NZ where Andy, the Kiwi, grew up in an espresso culture. Meeting friends over a flat white was a daily occurrence and he saw the need for that same interaction here in Sacramento. The first coffeehouse was created and opened in 2008 in downtown Sacramento.

Always part of community events and a leader in making coffee approachable to all. We spread happiness and good coffee daily. Our baristas are known for being the nicest most knowledgeable baristas around.

It takes dedication to your craft, passion for coffee, people & hours of preparation. We're very proud of our Awesome Baristas and Multi Award winning coffees.

We’re a group of like minded individuals who really love coffee and people.

Our Core Purpose is to “Make coffee approachable”

We do this by being

Accessible | Educators & Learners | Team | Passionate & Dedicated | Community


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