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At Backgrounds Online, we have 5 Core Beliefs. Service, Client Education, Compliance, Products, & Technology. They drive us to deliver comprehensive, FCRA compliant reports that empower you to make educated hiring decisions. We’re more than an employment screening company. We are partners who will educate, protect and keep you compliant. Most of our customers never leave. Those that do, usually return. That’s because we provide truly dedicated service – the kind we like to receive. Our staff focuses on customer service and makes you our top priority. We are FCRA certified, industry educated and NAPBS accredited. Rely on our experience and expertise to elevate your screening process to new heights. We’ll help keep your company compliant so you can make informed hiring decisions that benefit your brand. Our staff is educated on industry best practices to give you an unrivaled edge over your competition. There are many ways to build a background check. Reports that are perfect for some positions are not right for others. We offer fully customizable reports that are perfectly tailored to every position you need to fill. We’ll help you build and save packages that you can use every time you’re hiring. Discover fast, dependable background screening today.



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